Hatta Clapz | P-Town-Openair Festival 2017


Hatta Clapz are Hannover based Jamaican vocalist Singin Gold – known for hisHatta Clapz previous work with Symbiz Sound – and FedUpFaction – bass music producer and Trust In Bass resident DJ from Osnabrück, Germany.

Having developed their respective styles throughout the years, Singin Gold and FedUpFaction realized that together they could create something different. In 2012, “Joyride” was their first collective venture into linking bass music and Jamaican dancehall vocals.

Hatta Clapz is their way of sending out positive energy with a powerful sub bass. To both, it’s not about genres. Dancehall, Drum and Bass, Trap, Footwork or Dubstep – If the beat feels right, it’s a Hatta Clapz thing.

Singin Gold has been at it for more than two decades. The Jamaican born singer tried his hand at church choir, before taking off for Europe. In 2010 he started experimenting with new dancehall sounds, in collaboration with German dubstep act Symbiz Sound on the “Warrior EP” and “Marchin On”. He went on to work with Stunnah on “Cold” and “Stressfree” feat. Yah Meek. Singin Gold always keeps an open mind about future beats to come.

As a producer duo, FedUpFaction have written tunes ranging from trip hop to dubstep to drum and bass and shaped their own style over the course of a decade. Playing (and hosting) the Trust In Bass nights in Osnabrück has left a deep mark on their sound. While today, Norman is focused on his solo work, Raphael continues to craft clear-cut beats, accompanied by a strong sub bass line and the feeling for when a tune is right for the dancefloor.